The total token supply is 87,000,000,000 XQK tokens


→ Initial airdrop for a specific number of trustlines (to be determined)

→ Multiple airdrops

→ Incentivising  and rewarding holders via various airdrops



→ This is the game changer, the part that makes this project unique!

→ Public (transparent) account which will initially hold 10% of the total token supply

→ The donation account will be available for further donations (refilling)

→ When the donation account reaches value of aprox. 10,000 USD (subject to change), donations will be made to world organisations or local government in need of aid if an earthquake should devastate an area


*We have considered making the donation account a higher percentage, but that would create problems with liqudity. Trust us. We’ve done the math.


Team and Marketing

→ Used for keeping the project alive

→ Financing marketing and staff

Listing expenses